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This is it...

So it's finally happening. After all the talk and the planning and shouting, the G8 rally in Edinburgh 

is finally on. The journey up was fairly uneventful, apart from a delay due to a fatality on the tracks at Stevenage– not the best auspice. A fair number of protestors were in evidence, to the muted alarm of the suited business travellers, who huddled together at the sight of people not wearing ‘the uniform', carrying banners, relaxing, having fun.

Got chatting to Steve Huxton from the World Development Movement on the train. (That's him looking artistically blurred in the picture.) He was pretty sanguine about the rally.

‘There are a lot of regular, committed, peaceful campaigners coming to this one,' he said, ‘and there won't be any trouble. We know what we're doing. There might be trouble later in the week if people do come up for actual summit, at Gleneagles, but I predict that this one will trouble free, and actually a really great day, I'm looking forward to it.' After reflecting a moment, he did add

‘What I do worry about, though, with this whole campaign, is that too many people will be sitting in Starbucks and McDonalds saying ‘Isn't this great, we're making poverty history' without actually realising  what's involved. The real message goes a lot deeper than just slogans and we have to start getting that across. This is just the start really.'

Any predictions on how many will turn up?

Anything over 100,000 will be a result. They - the G8 leaders, the media - won't be able to ignore that many people.'

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